The Welsh Rally - 1975

The Welsh trial?and rally which would have taken place on the 10th of October are unfortunately both cancelled. In its place, today we have?some wonderful archival material of the 1975 event from the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC).

Anyone recognise any?of the cars and/or the club members (in their younger years)?


Gepubliceerd: Thursday October 8th, 2020


  • Robin Wills

    Excellent clip. Good to see the late Bill Boddy.

  • Gerard Brands

    The roads are nowadays not much better with all those sleeping police man bumps.
    Loved to watch it especially the last part with the scared girl in the reversing car.

  • Michael Schlenger

    Great footage - and don't worry, these people didn't "abuse" their cars. Prewar vehicles were designed for such conditions. See the attached photo (from my collection) taken from the backseat of a tourer somewhere on a "road" in Bulgaria in the 1920s...

  • Joop Terpstra

    This lovely film from 45 years ago feels like it was more about friends and tinkering and not like nowadays about 'look at me with my rolling money' and posh owners who can't even work the spanners...

  • david scott

    This is how cars should be used, not pointless pimping and polishing, trailing round in a crocodile at 15mph with fake rally plates and parking up in the square to amuse the locals, nor turned into carnival acts like so many old car events here "sur le Continong"!

  • fred veenschoten

    I don't think I could subject any of my cars to that kind of abuse. I can see the fun of it though.

  • Laurens

    I thoroughly enjoyed this clip. What an amazing bunch of cars! I believe the Mercedes is still bumping around nowadays (or actually pre-covid times).

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